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I invite you to take a step toward BLOSSOMING INTO YOU.


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Open the Doors to Hope and Happiness

The heart of my work is in helping individuals create a life filled with self love. Loving those parts of ourselves that are already shinning brightly, and bringing compassion, kindness, and tenderness to those parts of ourselves that we find difficult to love. It means letting go of self criticism and accepting who we are in this very moment.


Cultivating a deeper and more intimate connection with yourself requires healing past wounds and traumas, letting go of stories of who we think we are or should be, replacing negative beliefs, and shifting old patterns of behavior that no longer serve us.

My work with clients is a blend of both traditional therapy techniques and holistic approaches. As a practitioner of The Held In Light method, I focus on the energetic body to clear energy blocks or imbalances that manifest within the body. Through the use of guided meditation and breath work, together we transform or clear blockages. From this new found freedom we live more consciously with greater intention, choice and power.

Clients have shared with me their fears around feeling emotions and taking a deeper look at their struggles. I believe powerlessness is when we give that emotion, that story, that belief the power to hold us back from who we truly are. Freedom is in the feeling. It is act of courage to begin to peel away the layers and journey into self love.





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Benefits From Energy Based Psychotherapy

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“Counseling is a conscious time set aside to explore one’s self and look within.”


I am a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice since 1999. I offer counseling to individuals, couples and families. I am dedicated to a long time passion of helping others find meaning and purpose in their lives through psychotherapy. I work with many issues facing all of us today, such as depression, anxiety, grief, dis-ease, intimacy, blended families and adjusting to life stages. I draw from several psychological theorists, such as Carl Jung, Aaron Beck, Virginia Satir, Sue Johnson and John Gottman. I am also a 500hr YWs certified yoga instructor. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness, by incorporate breath work and energy techniques to help connect to deeper parts of oneself. My philosophy is that people have limitless potential to grow and heal. I am constantly inspired by witnessing others work through their challenges and transform.


Therapy is a courageous journey to the self and I am honored to walk this path with my clients.