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I'm a certified Aesclepion Clairvoyant Medium and New Ventures West Life Coach, I specialize in intuitive mind-body coaching and help people discover new possibilities and opportunities to align their lives from the inside out.

Intuitive training and Integral Coaching has helped me untangle my own messes by teaching me how to nurture the most important relationship of all...my relationship with myself!

Intuitive Coaching with Heather

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"Tongbu's peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, combined with our expert practitioners and wide range of healing services are designed to help our clients along with personal healing journey."


-Heide Nielsen, Founder

Sometimes all we need is the strength, confindence and authenticity that can only come from looking at things from a new perspective. As a highly trained and experienced clairvoyant and life coach, I can see an expanded view of your situation; almost like peeking behind the curtain of your circumstances to see the broader story of why things are unfolding the way they are. With that wisdom, you'll be able to connect the dots and open up options to make different choices in your life. It's hard to make clear choices when their is stress and confusion.

This deep intuitive understanding allows me to guide you in ways that feel aligned with the true you. This is so powerful because when your inner world--your truest self--feels expressed and at peace with the outer world and the people in it, and you will live with more ease and joy.

If you knew exacly what to do to transition your life, busines, career, and relationships in the direction you really want, you'd be doing it, right?

Chuck Drefs, Medium

Chuck Drefs, Medium I use my mediumship to tap into what's going on in a person's life on a spiritual level. This allows me to be able see the things that may need healing and further help the process along. I am able to tap into the root of what is causing pain or anguish, whether it is happening currently, or whether it is residual from a loved one passing, or traumatic experience. Everyone has guides, and with my gift, I have the capability to work with them to create a healing and harmonious experience.

Chuck Drefs Heather